What are the benefits of elastic waistband?

The waistband is one of the most important aspects of men’s lingerie. It works as a foundation hence without that its impossible to attain the shape of your lingerie. The stretchable waistband is further divided into three types, one is encased elastic waistband, second is the one which is sewn inside the elastic waistband, and the sewn-on elastic waistband is the third one. The first style, encased elastic waistband is mostly found in boxers. To create this waistband, the fabric in boxers is first folded over at the waist to create a casing and when we look at its casing , will find that its elastic is threaded through it which leads to the gathering of boxer fabric. This style of the waistband is highly recommended for those men who are allergic to latex. Encased elastic comes with the biggest disadvantage which is leaving vertical red imprints on the body.

Pistol Pete PPJ012 Brief

Next, we have elastic sewn inside the waistline of a men’s boxer. This way, the boxer looks like an encased waistband, but from the inside, the elastic is exposed to the body. This style gives a smoother feel on the skin and also cancel outs the vertical red imprint marks on the body. Then we have sewn on the elastic waistband that is found in briefs and other men’s underwear styles. This type of underwear is comfortable against the body and leaves red marks in lesser amount hence keeping this disadvantage in mind, manufacturers have started crafting waistbands with a microfiber or inside brushed to give a softer feel to the body of the wearer.

Benefits of an elastic waistband.

1. Elastic waistband comes with various benefits and the most amazing one is comfortable fit which helps in moving your body freely and lets you feel at ease that the prominent reason why it is used in children’s pants and jeans. Elastic waistband underwear is easy to pull up and pull off without facing any sort of hassle.

Pistol Pete PPJ002 Bikini Brief

2. Your pants or jeans stay flexible for a longer period because of them as they don’t get tight in case even when you gain extra kgs. Not only it’s used in your erotic styles of underwear such as jockstraps but are even used in women’s clothing especially in maternity clothes because they expand with the body contour. Elastic based underwear is a good option for those who are trying to or in the process of losing weight and even for those have undergone medical procedures.

3. Elastic waistbands are even used in men’s sports underwear and clothing so that player can achieve a great amount of movement which is necessary while playing. Even to achieve snug fit without compromising on the comfort, these are used.

Pistol Pete PPJ015 Comfort Brief

4. When you are in the stretchable form of men’s lingerie you don’t have to be concerned about blood flow because they don’t’ restrict it. There are times when people opt for extremely snug fitted clothes especially women to embrace their figure without realizing its side effects. This act can lead to restricting the flow of blood as well as breathing. Despite doing that, one should go for pants with elastic-waistbands.

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Feeling suffocated? Hope you wearing right jockstraps

Suffocated, what is that one thing which clicks in your mind, uncomfortable, someone is stopping you from breathing, etc. In general terms, suffocation means a state or a process of dying from being deprived of air or unable to breathe and when we say” I am feeling suffocated in this lingerie” what does it means?. It means a feeling of being trapped and oppressed. but when does that happen? When something is either small or not of your size.

Whether it’s your men’s jockstraps, briefs or even your boxers it has to be of your size otherwise you won’t be able to accentuate your profile besides feeling trapped. Well, your men’s jockstraps are classified into different types such as regular, swimming, fashion, fetish, hard cup, and enhancing jocks.

Pistol Pete PPE014 Jockstrap

Regular Jockstraps:

Also known as 3-inch jockstraps that are characterized by their wide waistbands that are normally of two and a half to three inches in width. Regular ones are worn for sports and athletic activities.

Swimming Jockstraps:

Next in our list, we have swimming jocks which are worn under bathing suits to add support and also for modesty. This range comprises of 1-inch wide waistband and moisture-wicking woven pouch including two leg straps as well. Whether its sports or your athletic activities one can wear them without any worries.

Pistol Pete PPE016 Jockstrap

Fashion Jockstraps:

Fashion jockstrap underwear for men is crafted for supporting the wearer regularly. These are crafted in different fabrics such as cotton, synthetic fabrics, or blends. Though they are designed ergonomically to ensure comfort and fit their design is just like traditional ones.

Hardcup Jockstraps:

Hared cup jock or hard cup supporter is the same form of lingerie that comprises of hard shell which is inserted into the pouch. Well, this cup is made out of moulded plastic that only provides a good amount of breathability but keeps your boys supported during high impact games such as baseball and hockey. 

Enhancing Jockstraps:

These modern-day jocks are crafted ergonomically to enhance prominent package or bulge. It comprises of the double-walled pouch, the inner pouch which has a hole for your testicles as well as for male package which prevents it from sagging, fabric or straps under your scrotum to lift and push them out from the body.

Well, each of these styles is meant to offer comfort and support to your package only if you pick them up in the right manner i.e. keeping these points while shopping for yourself.

1. Be precise with your size.

It’s impossible to get the best out of this erotic style if it’s not in your raise. If you are aware with it great and if not make sure you have the right measurements. Although companies do include cup with men’s jocks if they haven’t then gone for separate one depending on your preference of small( 20 to 26 in (50.8 and 66 cm), medium(26 to 32 in (66 and 81.3 cm) or large (32 to 38 in (81.3 and 96.5 cm).

Pistol Pete PPE012 Jockstrap

2. Purchase them from a physical store.

purchasing a men’s lingerie from a physical store could be a great idea as you can ask questions from the attendants but might be a bad idea as well, for those who feel shy in getting one from a physical store. hence for such kind of people, online is the best option.

3. Go online to get a vast variety.

As it is said, everything has its own pros and cons, the same goes for virtual shopping as well. When it’s about getting online you have to take certain measures as you will not be getting the try and then buy. All you can do is first buy and then try. Besides that, you won’t be able to feel the fabric unless it gets delivered to you. You get the freedom to choose and that too in your desired price range which you might not find in offline shopping.

4. Material selection, be wise with it.

When it’s about picking up right underwear for you, one has to be very careful while choosing fabric because the incorrect fabric that leads to discomfort and lack of support which you won’t be loving them. When it’s about satisfying your daily needs go for cotton-based athletic supporters. If not cotton, you may go ahead with men’s jockstraps which are crafted with blended fabric. Apart from that one can even look for rayon or spandex ones as they are capable of keeping your skin dry by wicking off moisture on your body.

Not only your jockstraps have improved but even the cups material have been improved, thanks to technological advancements. These days they are crafted with the help of lightweight materials. Protective cups are made out of plastic but fitted with steel shields. And their tough polymers of the carbon fibre act as shock absorbers.

5. The Pouch type.

From the outward appearance, the pocket of the athletic supporters may look evident and indistinguishable. Be sharp, this isn’t generally the situation in all athletic supporters. Each plan of the pocket targets satisfying certain necessities. It might be the client’s comfort or even the introduction of the entire bundle. The not many that might be accessible in the market are; unique, form or the cosy.

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Hope you know why it’s good have thong in your closet?

Thong underwear for men is a type of lingerie which comes in a narrow piece of fabric (leather or satin) that beautifully covers or holds your genitals passing through buttocks. This form of underwear works on embracing the shape of your butt as well as genitals. One can wear them as swimwear as well as underwear i.e.  a bikini bottom.If we go back in the history we will find that this exotic type of underwear was mostly worn by go-go dancers and was mostly preferred by those who wanted to hide unwanted embarrassing underwear lines to enhance their sex appeal. In olden times it wasn’t a part of every male closet out there but gradually with time things started changing hence men started welcoming them due to their amazing benefits which are as follows.

Pistol Pete TG201-936 Rainbow Thong

1. You stay at comfort, male thong is important.

The best thing about wearing men’s thong underwear is that its cosy. With a thong, you will quickly get used to the firm embrace of the triangular shape on your crotch region and interestingly, you need no irritating wedgie to stress over. Thong underwear for men can be worn the entire day even while you are doing the basic exercises because for the hard-core workout you will be needing Jockstraps. 

2. To work on your sex appeal, it is important.

To enhance sex appeal, you must have them in your underwear drawer. We see how it feels great to your hot body when you have buckled down on it. Regardless of whether you are not the one who flaunts out in the open, the interest of wearing thong for men is sufficient to make you need to catch each second to appreciate your flawlessly turned buns. Other than that, who doesn’t appreciate strolling around the house wearing practically only provocative men’s thong clothing?

3. To support your manhood, male thong is essential.

One ought to never question the help instrument of men’s thong clothing paying little mind to its size. Even though its little in size, however, You can’t take its supportive pouch for granted. They are as supportive and caring just like extraordinary men’s jockstraps. The lightweight, breathable yet strong and tough material embrace wearer’s privates which are held firmly by a strong versatile belt.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

4. To add spice in your foreplay, its good to have them

With its scarcely down there inclusion, the thongs clothing for men leaves little to the creative mind however, presents an extraordinary number of alternatives for a night of energy. You don’t have to be a stripper to look great in them. This form of underwear knows how to hold a secret and when to reveal it. This pair of lingerie is available in different types of fabrics hence you can pick one according to your comfort level.

5. For maintaining hygiene, male thong is mandatory.

As men’s thong underwear is crafted in less fabric that leads to fewer chances of getting caught in bacterial infection.Though it takes proper care of your manhood only if you maintain it properly i.e. washing this delicate pair of men’s underwear frequently. Less texture likewise implies that there are fewer stains and less time washing.

Pistol Pete PPTG123-221 CONTENDER Thong

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Make your summers cool with Mens Thong Underwear

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

With the warm summer as of now on the stage, it’s a great opportunity to discard the conventional clothing types and plan an outing to the breathtaking spots on the earth. Men’s thongs are considered as one of the most meager men’s sexy underwear to date this summer. The structure is extremely negligible with less texture in them which helps in uncovering your masculinity. This permits a greater amount of your skin to remain uncovered so as to remain new and comfortable in the heat of the summer. Furthermore, thongs for men are accessible in sheer textures additionally which makes them 10x hotter, uncovering and sensual. The noteworthy and exciting plan of your male thong joined with the transparent sheer texture will undoubtedly make your late summer evenings amazing and lovely.

Hence, if you are searching for something new, exciting, and revealing this summer then you can go for mens thongs. In order to help you know more baout the variant you can follow the points below and know why male thongs are the perfect partner for most of the male population.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

Now and then toning it down would be best –

You might be humiliated to flaunt the skin, however, it is extremely fun and energizing once in a while and moreover in summers. Wearing anything of this sort this summer will help you to get the coverage and exposure simultaneously. You won’t be afraid to uncover your skin anymore when mens thongs are there for you. In the event that you pull of an arousing look with elegance you can deal with any circumstance effortlessly. This is the reason that male thong has become a style explanation for most.

Mens thongs are agreeable –

Men may see these sets as more agreeable than the rest as there’s less texture, they’re lightweight and breathable than different styles like men’s boxer briefs, men’s bikini outfits and so on. Thongs for men are the perfect pair when you want to enjoy your summers. They are agreeable and will be your best companion in terms of breathability and when you plan to enjoy summers.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

Confidence accompanies when you choose mens thongs –

At the point when you’re wearing these men’s underwear, you have mystery to shroud that causes you to feel progressively sure and attractive. Since there is less texture under the jeans and you know there’ll be nothing that will visit from the jeans; you’ll be all glad and confident. Thongs for men also gives you confidence when the time comes to reveal your assets. Your perfect curves will get the perfect companion this summer if you choose mens thongs.

Improvement comes when you wear mens thongs –

With simply the necessary measure of texture on the front and back for the show, colorful clothing improves the shape of your assets. It makes them look more full and round. Hence, you can choose them when you want to go for beaches this summer.

Exotic nature –

Men love thongs for men as much as ladies and when the thought is to set the disposition for the night; there can’t be a superior alternative that being these scanty clothing. Mens thongs helps you to set up the mood when you plan to spend special time with your partner.

Forestall clothing lines

No inclusion, no texture prompts no frightful clothinglines that keep coming up from your tight jeans or brings down. Mens thongs will help you remove the tension of underwear lines that appear outside the tight clothing. Thios will enhance your appearance and will make you look exotic.

With all the focal points being discussed; you can now know that mens thongs are the perfect choice when you plan to spend your summer with great joy.

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Why leave everything and try Mens Thong Underwear this Season?

Well, there are several reasons to try men’s thong underwear, especially in summers because summer is a season when you are going to sweat eventually so can’t afford something heavier on your body or stick to your body. No way. Although it looks tiny and should be kept for special occasions(you know what I mean) you can easily try wearing them daily. So here are a few reasons to wear men’s thong in your closet this summer.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong


staying comfortable is the first point which required in this hot climate and men’s thong knows how to work on your comfort zone. Thong underwear for men comes with little material so the chances of it being uncomfortable are less. The smooth and sleek ones are unquestionably an extra to this, besides, to point by thongs underwear for men. By looks, it appears to awkward however trust us, when you begin wearing them you will have the desire with them.

Keeps you cool

One can’t afford to keep his boys in sweat because that causes discomfort and irritation so this summer beat the heat with the men’s thongs. This style of lingerie makes your life easier and let you relax in a humid climate.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

Good for your Hygiene

One can easily maintain hygiene with men’s thong due to its less fabric that leads to a reduction in Chafing, skin infection which is occurred due to rubbing of skin or clothes and this problem you might face in other styles of men’s lingerie such as briefs or boxer briefs.

Sometimes the fabric of your comfortable denim could be the reason for chafing and trust me, this could be abrasive to your groin.

Thongs keep you protected from Crotch rot.

Formally called tinea cruris, crotch rot is a skin disease brought about by wearing tight or wet garments. For whatever length of time that you keep yours spotless, wearing lingerie lessens your danger of getting boys to spoil. Underwear retains sweat well, in contrast to jeans, pants, and shorts when all is said in done, keeping your young men dry.

Some clothing is made of sweat-wicking texture (e.g., polyester mixes) which retain and cause sweat to evaporate easily and wearing such men’s underwear incredibly reduces your danger of getting groin decay.

Thongs for men are available in different materials.

Thongs aren’t completely made out of similar material. You can claim twelve sets and they’ll all vibe unique. There are ones that are made out of cotton and ones that are made out of silk which sounds directly for your summers. On the off chance that you don’t care for one sort of material’s, will undoubtedly be another that you’d be agreeable in.

Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

Thongs for men causes less acne.

Acne doesn’t just show up all over your face and this condition takes place due to those fabrics which are not capable of providing you with enough breathability hence moisture gets lockdown there and make you break out. With thongs, that won’t occur, so your skin will remain clear down there.

You remain confident

The best piece of wearing men’s thongs is that they’ll cause you to feel considerably more sure about your body. It doesn’t make a difference that nobody around you can determine what’s under your pants since you know and that is the significant thing. So put on your preferred thong and stroll with certainty!

Although wearing thong during summers is a great idea but not for those men who are prone to yeast or bacterial infection or are born with sensitive skin. Rather stick to men’s brief or boxer brief but make sure they are cotton-based. Apart from cotton, modal, bamboo is also recommended for the hot and humid climate so make sure you make the right decision for your manhood.

So this summer let your drawer be full of thongs.

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What makes mens boxer trunk the best gym wear?

With such a significant number of troublesome decisions in this world, you shouldn’t need to invest a lot of energy pondering your men’s underwear for gyming. So we chose to settle on that decision simpler. With the advancement going on, most of men are as yet clutching the ordinary styles and explicitly boxer trunks for men. Gyming is an essential purpose for most of the people who want to stay fit in order to live longer. Exercises are a part of everyone’s schedule so why not to think over a comfortable pair of mens underwear that can be worn while going to a gym center. Mens boxer trunks are the pair which is essential for most of the men when they go for exercise. It is a combination of mens brief and mens boxers so that you get the dual advantages. boxer trunks for men give a lot of coverage and holds your assets in one place. You do not have to worry about anything when mens boxer trunk are there for your help. I’m certain you’d know the satisfaction that the long clothing gives to the legs. For men who have no clue that there are startling ways by which boxer trunks for men make your life more joyful, this is the correct spot for you.

Pistol Pete PPG013 Boxer Trunk

You can follow the points below and know how mens boxer trunks help you in the gym center.

Lifted – your style explanation matters during the season –

The lifted inclination is for the most part when the masculinity is upgraded or lifted to a superior situation for cleaner visibility. The selective strategy consolidated in the boxer trunks for men quietly puts the masculinity forthright for an improved profile. All things considered, looking great and having a design explanation that is an engaging issue when comes to gyming.

Pistol Pete PPG001 Boxer Trunk

Complemented – looking great with the solace is essential –

The tight attack of the individual men’s hot clothing style embraces the conditioned muscles and carries the best of you to the cutting edge. The boxer trunks for men just emphasize the conditioned body and advances your well deserved body for the presentation. You can get the confidence f good looks when you have nothing to worry about your assets down there.

It makes you look great outwardly –

You can’t state that mens briefs don’t make you look great or male thongs, yet the characterized look that mens boxer trunks give is incomparable. Without being too constrictive like pressure shorts and too open like boxers, the best-of-both-the-universes style gives you that look which you need in the straight pants or the proper wear or anything that you wear as far as outfits.

Pistol Pete PPG007 Boxer Trunk

Mens boxer trunks give you coverage while exercising –

When comes to gyming, many men consider wearing mens boxer trunks so that they do not have to worry about anything. boxer trunks for men give ample support down there which makes your movements easy.

Hence, considering mens boxer trunks as your best match for gym is a clever choice. You can put your confidence in the same and can experience it yourself.

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The pros and cons of mens briefs you must pay heed to

Briefs are tight, which offer great support and keep your genitalia at a higher temperature, and spare you from the humiliation of getting an inadvertent erection. Briefs keep a solid hold on the pouch even in the midst of athletic exercises, especially useful for running or hiding erections. Moreover, they are more averse to appear through your jeans in the event that you are wearing thin pants. That is a motivation behind why briefs are the more well-known decision. This is on the grounds that they’re best for going out.

Pistol Pete PPJ013 Brief



Brief for men are not that functional as compared to boxers and boxer brief. If they are in right size then you don’t have to worry about wardrobe if by any chance you bought one size smaller than your actual size no one can protect you from the risk of a wardrobe malfunction and if it’s one size bigger you need to pull it up all time. Brief underwear can cause chafing when you move.

They aren’t versatile.

The lack of is what places it in the third position when compared to boxers and boxer briefs. Boxers give enough protection from the cold because it covers your inner thighs and goes with boxer briefs, although men’s boxer briefs are not as long as boxers they do cover a little bit more than men’s briefs. When it’s about chilling with your guy friends you can pull off your pants and relax in men’s boxer briefs.

Pistol Pete PPJ012 Brief

They are not good for sperm quality.

being a snug fitted underwear it tends to increase the temperature of your testicles due to which more heat is produced and eventually it affects your sperm quality.

They lose their shape quickly.

if we compare boxer briefs, boxers and men’s brief tendency of losing shape, then its brief who tends to lose shape faster due to which one has to switch to new pairs of men’s underwear.

Don’t worry they are blessed with few pros as well.


Women love to see their man in brief underwear.

All things considered, most of the ladies lean toward brief clothing for their significant other, maybe because they have seen their dad or younger sibling wearing it at home. Its cosy fitted look grasps the state of their butt.

“If you want to gain the attention of women, pull up your brief underwear only if you are in good shape.”

for sports activities.

Briefs protect you from what is known as “dangling”, so perfect for sports and different exercises. On the off chance that you wearing brief clothing ensure they have fitted briefs while or regardless of whether you are planning to relax for quite because fitted briefs don’t ride and pack up. You may even combine them with skinny pants and denim.

Pistol Pete PPJ015 Comfort Brief


Brief underwear for men is far more comfortable than your boxer briefs and not only they are comfortable but they are supportive as well. Though boxers are comfortable but they are not those “supportive form of underwear” so make sure you are jogging wither in briefs or boxer brief lingerie. Boxers can use as sleepwear.

They are available in different forms.

Brief underwear for men comes in different forms such as low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise underwear.

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